Dental Implants

Replacing a tooth with a dental implant changes everything

When a tooth is lost, the bone that used to be supporting it disappears soon after. This leads to:Nobel Biocare resized 600

Shifting of teeth, tooth trauma and periodontal disease;
Aging of facial features and unnatural gums around a future tooth replacement;
Lack of bone support for future tooth replacement (Dental implants, Dentures, etc)

Dental Implants prevent this bone loss and act as support to replaceimplant crn resized 600 anything from a single tooth to every tooth!

Once a dental implant is secure in your mouth, our dental team will fabricate and attach beautiful teeth to it so that you can get your smile and bite back in style.

A dental implant cost may be far less than you expect.

Another Happy Patient

"Dr. Anderson encouraged me to consider getting an implant instead of a bridge for my missing tooth and I am glad I did.  It saved my good teeth from being drilled on and I can floss my implant like my regular teeth.  Oh, one more thing, it saved me money!  Thanks Doc."

 Scott S.