Fluoride and Sealants

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Go the Extra Mile in Prevention...

For years, dentists have been preventing cavities by applying fluoride and sealants to teeth.

Fluoride hardens teeth by remineralizing enamel.  It is found in our drinking water and our toothpastes.  In the dental office it is in the form of foams, gels, and varnish.  Fluoride treatments work well on the walls of teeth  by providing a rock hard shell of protection.

Dental Sealants are thin resin coatings that are applied to the deep cracks and canyons (pits) that are common on the biting surfaces of back teeth.  These pits cannot be throughly cleaned with toothbrushing because the toothbrush bristles cannot completely sweep these areas clean.  These areas are also thin enamel areas.  Sealants are bonded into these areas to fill out these cracks and canyons allowing the toothbrush to completely clean the biting surfaces.

With fluoride protecting the walls and sealants coating the tops, we have got you covered.

Find out what the American Dental Association has to say about fluoride treatments in this short article: http://www.colgate.com/app/CP/US/EN/OC/Information/Articles/ADA/2007/article/ADA-02-Fluoride-Treatments.cvsp



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"I received exceptional dental care which included x-rays, cleaning, polish and fluoride treatment."

Donny A.

Oct 25, 2017